Are we looking for you?

We've got some ideas cooking in the cauldron. Maybe you or someone you know can help... We need paid or volunteer help with:

  • Hands! Any labor help!

  • Ticketing

  • General production

  • Sageing

  • Parking

  • Wayfinding

  • Vibe management

  • Tent set-up and breakdown

  • Signage and lighting

  • Booth design and management

  • Golf cart wheelies

  • Bartending and barbacking

  • Security and safety

  • Admin

  • Social media

  • Site cleanup

  • Telling people where the food is

  • Truck loading and unloading

  • Picking things up and putting them down

  • Swiftly navigating dark fields

  • Calling me on a walkie I don't answer

  • Not running Merry Meet

  • Dirigible pilot

  • Visual artist

If any of this sounds like you, or you would like to invent a role for yourself at our faire, please fill out the form below, email, or DM our socials to talk about it.