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We are super excited about building this community together!

That's why we carefully select vendors that offer our patrons something a little different. We use several factors to select vendors that include: work/product/service offered, booth appearance, ethos, sense of humor, orange snack preference, rising sign, wifi network nickname, most recent physical check number issued, and combined lactose tolerance degree, among other things.

If you are interested in working together at a future event, the process starts with the application form. After that, consider yourself the patron on a long line for Mr. Toad's frighteningly dark ride at Disneyland, because you're in for a wild ride! Just kidding, it's probably going to be bit of a wait, a couple back and forth emails, and a contract. Spoooooooooky...

If you have questions, you can always contact but let's see if we can't get some of those answered right here!

Vending Availability

Space is very limited! Did I mention space is limited? Let me assure you, in case there was any doubt, space is limited. We are shocked, humbled, and awestruck at the number of vendors who would like to join our little faire fam. That means, sadly, some people have been waiting for months. There are strategies we have cooking in the cauldron to get that process moving but as of now, it's a crawl. Either way, if vending at Lunar Faire makes your heart sing, submit an application to start the process. Sometimes, with extremely unique products, we have earlier openings because obviously we would like to keep the show familiar, yet fresh. Like your mom's house.

The Process

The selection process is a healthy mix of the things outlined above and then some more chaos, insanity, divine intervention, karma, spacial relations, demeanor, fortitude, the available time chunk it takes for us to sit down and vet new vendors, pixie dust for added chaos, magick obviously, and mysterious things we cannot disclose due to our love of secrets. This love is exacting and binding, as you likely already know.

Side note: please remember that we factor in that we will work together often. Every two weeks, in fact, if space allows (not guaranteed). If you are someone who angrily or aggressively or, even worse, passive aggressively contacts us about your status, this will red the fuck flag you. Because of the nature of this faire, we need independent, capable, versatile, loyal, adaptable, and optimistic vendors. And, honestly, if you're not independent, capable, versatile, loyal, adaptable, and optimistic, you will hate vending at Lunar Faire. Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful and lower maintenance fairs out there! When you apply you are automatically wait-listed until we can accept new vendors. If you receive a confirmation email, you are in our system. No need to reapply.


Right now we are talking to several venues and each have their own set of quirky amenities. You are required to plan for no electricity and then, if we can offer it (rarely), you will be as surprised as a cat who saw a cucumber but in a good way! If electricity is a big factor in your presentation and you can’t live without the Lunar Faire in your life, hit us up and we’ll see what we can work out. Most likely, though, we'll tell you to get a rechargeable power station like we use throughout the faire.

Decor: help!

This event is all about that vibe! The main focus should be how your spot looks in the afternoon and how it transitions to night. Lights are the key element here and there are so many cute battery operated options available. For practical merchandise lighting, one old standard is a solid portable propane lantern. Durable, long-lasting, cheap, and bright AF.

Booth Pricing

Right now, our pricing starts at a 10x10 tent space for $100. This rate may change depending on venue, spots, and availability. For custom vending options like yurts and airstreams, email (not for vending status updates).


We have designed a comprehensive marketing plan to get your gorgeous face in front of as many souls that might enjoy witchy weirdness as possible. This includes robust paid social media campaigns through all major social platforms, combined email lists of more than 20,000 people, and we've cast a variety of attraction and binding spells.


Right now we are in New Jersey but we are looking to expand into various other states. If you are a vendor in another area, feel free to apply and we will contact you about our plans for your area. 

Wind and Weather

Lisa and Phil, some old school LF vendors from For the Love of Toffee, made some helpful videos and slides on how to secure your tent for unexpected weather. How nice are they!? Answer: very. Click there ->

Lunar Faire Guide to Keeping Your Tent Secure_4.23.22.pptx

How Does my Desperation Factor?

That depends! In order to lift a community up, we understand you might want to do unorthodox things to get your work in front of us. We've seen a lot of things. We've read a lot of things. I will say this. If you are appealing to us, imagine someone has already said exactly the same things you are saying to us. Edit that again. Now scrap it and rewrite it and edit it again. Just for good measure, throw that one out and go in a new direction and edit it again. Do that until you can safely say you do not think someone else has already said the exact same thing to us. That's going to help your case. No guarantees, of course, but at least it keeps things interesting for the both of us.

Ok but like, is there one thing I can do to guarantee a vending spot?

Yeah. If you connect us with a venue we haven't reached out to (and/or been denied by) and we use it, you're fast-tracked in. I don't care if you sell used cars or some Scentsy mlm bullhshit. Venue hunting fucking sucks. Welcome aboard.

I Have Opinions About Your Vendor Selections

That's ok! Everyone does! Again, a lot factors into why the vendors that are there are there. And, being a mystical event that flows with the go, we are happy to accept that we are all but pawns to the whims of the universe and encourage you to as well. Embrace the chaos is more than a fun catchphrase. It's the Lunar Faire way of life. I insist that we are but humble vessels and the faire selects whom the faire selects. It grabs you on its own timeline, it keeps you as long as it wants to, and, sometimes, it spits you out. This is literally outside of our control. I'm hoping that offers you solace.

I'm Scared of the Faire

Me too.

Concessionaires, performers, and sponsors please contact to discuss participation options and rates.

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