Everything you wanna know about the Ride-or-Die Season's Over Unfaire Afterparty/Tiff's Birthday! (working title)

“What the fuck is that!?” you are asking yourself and also me. I know because our DMs are full of questions and I got stopped many times at the faire. Let’s unpack the Unfaire!

What is included:

  • Open Potions Lab (with spiked potions 😮)!

  • Food!

  • Faire performances!

  • Music!

  • Living

  • Laughing

  • Loving

  • Spelling

  • A limited edition Unfaire exclusive t-shirt

  • Bracelet Code

  • Seating!

  • Indoorsishness

  • Magick Unfaire wristband

  • Raffle ticket for a GOLDEN wristband

  • The letters

  • Intimacy

  • 360 Photo Booth

  • Legacy invite for any future Unfaires

  • Surprises probably

That’s right! Like bears with guns we’re going into hibernation with a bang! And you’re invited! Well, those of you who have attended a faire in the past and are 21 and over are invited. The rest of you will have to deal with time and your poor choices.


Is it a faire?

No, it’s Unfaire.

So it’s like a party?

Yes, that’s much closer.

Will there be vendors?

Yes but no tents.

Will they be selling anything?

I don’t think so but if you see a trench coat, I’d check out the contents is all I’m saying.

Why won’t you just tell us about this!?

Does a “straight answer” sound on brand AT ALL for us???

Ok so I have to read a hundred questions about a party?


Where is it?

Warwick, NY. Venue will be disclosed on the ticket purchase page.

What’s not allowed?

  • People under 21. Sorry but it’s how we can make the Potions Lab open bar. Blame laws not us.

  • Your own booze. You know how you definitely don’t sneak booze into the faire? Well you definitely definitely can’t at this one. But for realsies.

  • Pets. They never are!

Wait, so the potions that we know and love are going to have booze in them!? Are you fucking kidding me???

No. I mean yes. Not kidding, yes booze. (Ha! I did one of those.) We’re spiking the potions! And they’re really good. You can also get the regular NA versions as well.

Will you have other alcohol?

There will be a cash bar for beer, wine, and seltzer cocktails if potions aren’t your jam.

What food is included?

We’re still hammering that out but it’ll be a mix of food vendors you know and there will be vegan options as always (most of the time).

Who is performing!?

So far we’ve got a particularly magickal spell by the Lunar Queene, Diiiotima doing fire, some queens doing a couple numbers, DJ, Shauna the Amazing Tap-Dancing Medium, drums, Marin Contini, the Flute Wizard of course. The usual suspects!

What's the rain situation?

We have two large indoor areas and plenty of outdoor areas to splash around in and show off your cute weatherproof outerwear. It's a hybrid of both!

Sounds awesome! How much?

One hundo, Friendo

How do I get tickets?

Head to this link.

Who’s going?

It’s a super fun mix of vendors, staff, other people who make the faire happen, friends and fam, and the community of ride-or-die attendees we love so tremendously we actually want to hang out with

What’s the deal with the wristbands?

The Unfaire wristband comes with special magick powers that you can use to unlock future faire benefits. Like maybe at one faire next year everyone with an Unfaire wristband on will get a free potion. Stuff like that! The GOLDEN wristband? Now, that one is the real deal. Pretend I just did a somersault at you after I walked feebly toward you with a cane. It’s a motherfucking season pass. That’s right.

What’s a legacy invite?

It means that you don’t have to bother with a ticket lottery ever again. Once you’re in, you’re in. You’ll get an invite to every Unfaire into infinite. And maybe you’ll outlive us all.

What’s a 360 photo booth?

That thing that spins around and takes a video of you being silly and Charlie’s Angelsing with your friends. We had it at Halloweekend.

What if I have more questions?

What if I have more answers?

Come party with us!