Next Event: Cauldron Magick with the Lunar Queen!!!

Meet in Cauldron Court on 10/20 at 7:30 pm!

Cutting ties and releasing...

Doctor Witch Meghan McSweeney will be hosting our spellwork this faire, which opens space for release. Aries and Libra are in opposition. Libra is all about relationships and balance, while Aries is all about individual needs. We will use the releasing energy of the Aries Full Moon to reclaim our individuality and let go of relationships that obstruct our authentic self.

The Lunar Queene will be conjuring up a floor wash kit to clean your metaphysical and literal kitchens as well!

She has more info about it on her website and insta, below, but I wanted to link the participation stuff here for you!

Ways to participate (the links are to pre-order and guarantee your supplies):

  • Hold the energy and watch the witches witch! (free, of course!)

  • Hold and charge a Full Moon Lucky Charm (available here )

  • Hold and charge a moon crystal with spell energy! (available here)

  • Spell kit participation options (available here)

There are going to be a lot of you. This is a way to guarantee that you can double double toil and trouble alongside the rest of us. Don't miss this opportunity! You can pick up your supplies by the cauldron before the spell starts.

If you have questions about the spell, check out her insta @doctr.witch! Or you can speak to the Lunar Queene directly at